Our-CompanyAbout WaveTrue Science + Techology

WaveTrue, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 and commenced operations in fiscal year 1988. The Company is in the business of inspecting pipelines for corrosion and other anomalies that require inspection to verify pipeline integrity. WaveTrue has developed a patented, non-destructive and non-invasive, long range inspection process, using electromagnetic waves to remotely inspect buried, cased and insulated pipelines for corrosion. WaveTrue’s services are available to owners and operators of natural gas and oil pipelines, power plants and refineries, utilities, and most any facility with cased or insulated pipe.

The EMW-C™ Inspection System is a pipeline inspection method that does not require the inspector to physically remove the pipeline’s casing or lagging or otherwise dig up the pipeline to visually inspect for corrosion and anomalies. The EMW-C™ Inspection System permits the inspection of pipelines with a minimal amount of disturbance to the coating or insulation on the pipeline. In addition, the EMW-C™ permits inspection over the entire pipeline, as opposed to other inspection methods, which only provide for spot point inspections. The Company has developed hardware and software to permit the testing of cased pipe from a single location while, at the same time, capturing data from the pipe traveling in both directions.

Beyond cased pipelines, WaveTrue continues its research to modify this technique to inspect for pipeline internal corrosion and to inspect directly buried pipelines well. WaveTrue’s research facility is located in Albuquerque, NM.