Pipeline Inspection Technologies

Using technology similar to RADAR, WaveTrue has created a unique non-invasive, long-range inspection method to locate and identify anomalies and unfavorable conditions of cased and insulated pipelines. Just as a RADAR system emits electromagnetic signals and waits for a response reflected from objects, our equipment sends pulsed waves into the space surrounding a pipeline and receives the responses which can then be located and identified.

The pulses travel as waves lengthwise through the space that is bordered by the outside surface of the pipeline being tested, and the inside surface of the casing or insulating jacket. The inner and outer pipe serve as a guide for the waves as they travel through the annular space between the pipes. Variations in material densities and distortions in the shape of the annulus result in changes to the reflected signal that can then be analyzed to determine cause and location.

In this manner, we can provide:

  • Long range detection of anomalies in the annular space of a cased pipeline including corrosion product, electrolytes (water, soil), and electrical or electrolytic contact.
  • Detection of water and short circuits.
  • Identification of external corrosion and wall loss above a Minimum Detection Threshold (MDT).
  • Mechanical deformation detection such as sagging of the carrier pipe or crushing of the casing.
  • Resolution of the location and length of a single or multiple anomalies.
  • Characterization of the magnitude of the anomaly based on data and equivalancy models.
  • Continuous or periodic monitoring to detect changes over time.

Pipeline Inspection Services

WaveTrue provides pipeline inspection services for cased and thermally insulated metallic pipelines using the EMW-C™ Inspection Service. The technology requires that the pipe to be inspected runs inside a secondary pipe or metallic sheath. Our specially trained technicians can quickly attach the test equipment to the section to be tested and provide preliminary results within minutes thereafter.

Pipe sizes from 1/8 inch in diameter up through and including 36 inches can be tested for distances up to 150 meters in length depending on material types inside the casing or sheath. Longer pipelines can be tested by leapfrogging to the end point of the previous test. Testing of larger diameter pipelines can be performed upon request.

We require temporary and minimal access to the pipe and casing at the casing end point. For long length insulated pipe, access is dependent on the length of the previous test shot. In all situations, our test equipment requires minimal contact to the pipe surface and casing with point tip probes which may be removed after testing or may be permanently installed for reassessment or periodic monitoring.

Our EMW-C™ Inspection Service is available to pipeline owners / operators of oil and natrual gas transmission or distribution pipelines, power plants, utilities, refineries, chemical plants, process piping, or any location requiring inspection of pipe-in-pipe.Contact us today.