Preventing future excavations with permanent connectors

One of the specialized inspection services that WaveTrue provides was developed in collaboration with a company that provides hot wax fill to the annular space of cased-pipe road crossings.

By filling the annular space completely with wax, the exterior of the pipe is indefinitely protected from developing corrosion areas or corrosive conditions. WaveTrue first uses EMW to confirm the integrity of the pipe prior to the wax-fill procedure and then, using the same set-up, confirms that the annular space is fully filled with wax.
As long as the proper wax installation remains intact, the pipe is protected. By installing permanent connectors (typical CP style pin brazed connections) at the end of the casing, and then routing cables outside the boot, gland seal or vent pipe to above ground test stations, periodic measurements can be taken. Data collected above ground is easily compared to the original baseline data to identify changes from the original fill.

This recurring remote integrity testing indefinitely satisfies regulatory inspection requirements without the need for excavation and helps ensure the long-term viability of the system.
Permanent connectors can also be used in a variety of settings to retest pipe and tube interior and exterior conditions or to continuously monitor changes over time.